Meet The Two Twisted Gypsies

The Two Twisted Gypsies, Brian and Michelle Tice, Artist from Wellsville Ohio, began creating one of a kind jewelry designs in 2011. Brian and Michelle’s designs focus on repurposing vintage items and found objects. Michelle's designs are usually mixed media and assemblage from vintage and Brian is known for his hand dyed and aged leather spoon handle cuff bracelets and hand stamped spoon rings. While they both have their own specialty, both agree they love vintage and enjoy breathing life into once loved vintage jewelry and found objects. You can find their creations at several local art shows and craft fairs or at their online shop at

You can find them locally in the following shops:  

Extending Grace  

18 W. Liberty St

Hubbard, Ohio 44425

Hours of Operation:

Wednesday through Friday 12-7 ,Saturday 10-4 & Sunday 12-4


Watts Wares & the Fancy Flea  

412 Mill Street

Hopedale, Ohio 43976

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday, Wed, & Fri 10-4, Thur 10-8 & Sat 10-3


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